5 December, 2021

Badminton- a wellness sport

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Badminton is a popular indoor sport played by two or four people who are divided into two sides with a net inside. According to the number of people involved, it can be divided into singles and doubles. Compared with tennis, badminton focus on players stamina and endurance than players’ physique.

Name origin
Modern badminton movement was born in England. In 1873, a duke of Badminton county Glasgow, hosted a garden party in his territory where several retired officers returnning from India introduced a game of isolation nets beat back and forth with struck shuttlecocks. It aroused much interest. Because this activity is very interesting, it took the upper class by storm. “badminton”  become the English name of sport name.

Whole body fitness

Badminton players, for a competitive sport or for a fitness activity, are required to use various movement techniques, like footstep moving, leaps swivel and swings, which strengthen the exercisers the cardiovascular system and respiratory functions. According to statistics, heart rate of high intensity badminton players can reach 160-180 times per minute, medium intensity players can reach every minute 140-150 times; low intensity players, 100-130 times every minute. Long-term badminton exercises can make the heartbeat powerful, which is vital to capacity increase and endurance improvement. In addition, badminton requires players to make quick judgement on rapidly changing pitches and fight back in no time. Thus, it can improve the sensitivity of nervous systems and body coordinations.

Adjustable exercise
Badminton is suitable for men, women and children. The exercise intensity may vary according to  age, physical conditions and grounds. Teenagers, in physical development, are advised to spend 40-50 minutes for sport while the seniors are advised to take 20-30 min limit. It can be taken as a funny game for little kids.

In a word

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, badminton is good sport for overall-health development.

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