27 May, 2022

How To Get Tough For Badminton

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If you want to play badminton well, you should learn how to choose equipment first. Badminton equipment contains ball, racket, shoes, stockings. Now, let me introduce them to you carefully.

Ball. If you buy badminton racket, you can choose the material of goose feather, but its price is highest, you can also choose the material of drake feather which is suit for beginner. Buying racket you should better to try it, the heavier is better. In consideration of the consumable of badminton, the beginner need not buy too costly. Moreover, some sports shops sell cheap, good quality of no trademarks balls are good choice to purchasing. Bat
Tips of selecting badminton bat for beginner.
Price in two hundred to five hundred is a good choice for amateur to buy racket.

When you get bat, handle it to feel the property or use one hand holds the bat, the other holds the top of bat, if it curved, it illustrates the bat is better.
People whose weight is heavier choose heavy racket, others conversely. Generally, the more expensive racket the lighter of it.

Shops sell many bats with wore lines, however, lines quality are just ordinary. Higher badminton bats are based on people’s situation to manufacture fitness and easy to control lines. You can choose racket lines weight by yourself, the more higher of lines’ pound, the fewer of elasticity, the bigger strength you need to play badminton. Lady beginners can choose twenty to twenty two pounds, gentleman beginners choose twenty two to twenty four pounds are better, force larger or playing long time people can choose twenty four to twenty two pounds are enough.

Racket lines are better to contain sheep intestine ingredients, then lines are strong, flexible and easy to play.
Badminton shoes. Shoes design for badminton is specially according to the characters of badminton sports, they are different from general shoes. Feet close the ground as far as possible with thinner sole and strong side supporting capacity. Under the premise of allowing ankle bend fast, changing the feet movement, this design as low as possibility of feet hurt.
Shoes for badminton need these tips. Shoes design of front looses and side tight are the character of shoes. In case of lateral slip, preventing hurt you can choose shoes with sides tightly and shoes of front looses can play a buffering role. Attention Wearing badminton shoes to play badminton is easy to hurt feet to play badminton is easy to hurt feet
Rubber or beef tendon of sole material are better

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, which friction is high and not easy to slip.
Shock absorption and buffer functions are also the character of the sole of badminton shoes.
Flat shoes are running faster than many unprofessional shoes have heel when playing badminton.

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