28 May, 2022

The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide On Badminton Sudirman Cup 2021

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The Badminton Sudirman Cup refers to that World Team Championship which is held within every two years’ gap. The Badminton Sudirman Cup is one of the most prestigious sports titles in the world. The first Badminton Sudirman Cup took place in Bung Karno Stadium of Jakarta, Indonesia. The event took place between 24 May 1989 and 29 May 1989. A total of 28 nations got attracted by the famous Badminton Sudirman Cup in May 1989.The Badminton Sudirman Cup 1997 had as many as 30 national teams. A total of 59 teams took part in the 1997 cup.

The Badminton Sudirman Cup has been named after the famous Indonesian player and founder of the Badminton Association of Indonesia, Dick Sudirman. Until 2003, both the Badminton Sudirman Cup and the World Badminton Championships (Individual) used to take place alongside each other. Both the world-recognized events became the stand-alone champions in Eindhoven, Netherlands for the first time in 2003. 

Since 1989, Indonesia, China, and Korea are the three only countries to have won the Badminton Sudirman Cup. Amongst the many teams, the Chinese team won the Badminton Sudirman Cup for the 10th time in the year 2015. 

The Badminton Sudirman Cup aims to test a team’s all-around strength. Every tie that occurs during these competitions consists of a total of five matches. These are Women’s Singles, Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. The competition format of the Badminton Sudirman Cup has only witnessed subtle changes since its inception. 

The 2021 Badminton Sudirman Cup took place between 26 September and 3 October 2021. The international championship included 222 competitors from 16 different nations. China turned out to become the defending champions in the Sudirman Cup. Their powerful and successful presentation at the championship helped them create a record-breaking win for the 12th time in a row.  

The Badminton Sudirman Cup 2021 took place at the Energia Areena in Vantaa, Finland. Officially, the Badminton Sudirman Cap is also referred to as TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2021. This name has been extensively used for various sponsorship reasons. 

Suzhou, China was originally awarded to host the Badminton Sudirman Cup back in November 2018 by the Badminton World Federation. The stringent and rising Covid restrictions made it tough to host the badminton championship in China. It was only on 29 June 2021 that the Badminton World Federation announced that the upcoming Badminton Sudirman Cup will be hosted by Vantaa, Finland. 

The championship format is new in comparison to previous formats followed by the Badminton championship. This time only 16 teams contested, unlike 32 teams that used to be tested before. All the teams were playing in a total of four groups of four teams. While the competition commenced with a group stage that will be followed by a knockout stage. 

All the rankings in the Badminton Sudirman Cup are determined by the total number of ties won the tie results when different teams are in the same question. The differences in matches of all ties in a group, the total differences in games. And, the minimum or limited point differences in all group ties. 

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