28 May, 2022

Principal Singh Says He Will Enroll For NBA Draft Next Year

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Indian basketball sensation, Principal Singh stated that he will enrol in NBA (National Basketball Association) draft in the coming year.

This talented basketball player made history by being part of the Sacramento Kings’ squad. Singh and his team won the 2021 NBA Summer League championship.

This made him the first Indian player to win this title in the entire NBA history. From being part of the Sacramento Kings’ squad to winning the championship, it has been a roller coaster ride for the 6-ft-9 forward.

The Kings showcased excellent performance in the championship. They played against the Boston Celtics and won the title with a 100-67 win.

This victory made the Kings the only team to win multiple Summer League titles.

Singh played the final few minutes of the game. During his time on the court, he scored the final bucket for his team. This helped the Kings to reach 100.

When talking to Olympics.com, he said that it was the best game. He was desperately wanting to score a bucket and he did. This was the best part of the game for him.

He also said that all the members of the team had scored some points, so scoring the 100th point was very special.

He went on to explain how he wants his basketball career to be. He spoke about his plans with the NBA. He mentioned talking to his agent before entering the NBA draft in the next year. He needs more experience, practice and playing minutes before making the jump.

He added that he was not very fit in the beginning. But now he is back to normal health and making steady improvement. He wishes to play in a summer league and a G-League. He also wants to enroll himself on the NBA draft in the coming year. But before that, he wants to prove himself in these league matches.

While talking to Olympics.com, Singh also spoke a bit about his Olympic dream. He said that the Indian basketball team will surely present itself as a showpiece in the event someday.

The 20-year-old said that while watching the Olympics, he felt the urge to participate in it. It would be great if he got the chance. He is hoping to play in the Olympics someday.

He also said that India should focus more on international games. To make progress, they need to play against the best. But at the moment, Indian players play only within the country.

He said that India should go to Australia or China to play against their national teams. This would help them to improve to a great extent. He also praised the coaching done by the current coach.

Principal Singh last represented India for FIBA Asia Cup 2021 qualification, where he managed to score five rebounds, three points, and two assists in just 12 minutes.

Singh is currently enthusiastic about enrolling himself in the NBA draft next year. He already had a word regarding the same with his agent.

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