5 December, 2021

Champions League: Thomas Tuchel believes Chelsea lost mental sharpness ahead of Juventus loss

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Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea’s Coach, has felt that his team lost the mental sharpness. Thomas reportedly felt the same even before his team members stepped onto the pitch before their match against Juventus. Chelsea lost the match with 1-0 score. The Blues were facing their second successive defeat in the league in groups stages since 2019 September. 

The match seemed to be in Chelsea’s favor. The team held a strong possession in the match. But Federico Chiesa smashed a goal in the early second half of the match. This was sufficient to inflict the first group-stage defeat for Chelsea in the Champions League. The team had an excellent training session the previous day. The team is now absolutely sure and rejuvenated, and hungry to snap back from the loss on Saturday to Manchester City. 

Thomas shares that finding a rhythm in case of a strong defender is hard. It was the complete opposite for the match with Manchester City. The Blues gave huge mistakes away, costing them their confidence and the match. The players were not as rejuvenate during the match as they were in the training session. This indeed led to losing the mental sharpness, and the match was out of hands after a point. 

Chelsea enjoying 73 percent possession, while the Juventus side has been striving in this season and could register just a single shot in the target match due to Romelu Lukaka’s efforts in Turin. Chelsea team could not grab a single chance on target in their match against Manchester City at the weekend. But Thomas was not worried about the lack of the attacking threat, he shared. 

The team was lacking runs, struggling to find the rhythms, and keep the belief structure. It could be the shooting problem, as there cannot be a score until there is no shoot. Playing opposite a team sitting deep like this is indeed hard to claim the shots. Thomas shared that the team will learn this. 

This win for Juve against Chelsea is their second in a row in every single competition. This Serie A team now stands atop the H group of Champions League with six points. Massimiliano Allegri was indeed elegiac in sharing his team’s amazing recovery from a poor start in the League. 

Usually, sailors can and will always manage their route out of the storm. Allegri shared that his team had a great match with the strong European champions. The team will accept the six points and be happy, and there is no turning point. He shared the league is entirely another thing. 

The team has to adapt and have a match defending against the opponents who do not let the others to take over. This possession by Chelsea helped his team have a defensive match and led to the win. Allegri was never aggressive or missed the flow during the match. The team’s defense strategy was indeed perfect to grab the win. 

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