27 May, 2022

Olympic Games Ceremony

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First, Olympic games opening ceremony was greatly influenced by ancient Greek culture and the traditions and events which existed there for the first Games. Anaphora was considered to be the most important cultural elements of the opening ceremony in ancient Greece, and this thing symbolized the Greek identity. Some modern researchers consider that anaphora was not just an element of Greek culture, but for those days Greeks were totally sure that this vessel is the symbol of their national culture.

Another aspect to research in order to understand the Olympic Games opening ceremony is the initial purpose of this ceremony. Olympic Games were one of the causes to stop endless wars and deaths which separated Greece during the decades. For four years between each Olympic Games wars renowned but inevitably stopped during the Games. Past enemies met at sports arenas to compete and it was obligatory to shake hands and went apart in friendly manner.

Greece was in deep conflict and loosing its identity as the whole nation and state. Greece wanted to demonstrate its richest cultural heritage which was worth saving. Greece was turning into peaceful neighbor which had completely understood the sense of powerful state position.

So Greece presented the world Olympic Games as an attempt to show other people its culture, its heritage and its wealth. Olympic Games were like a motto for the whole world which could say there was something on Earth which was worth stopping destroys and wars. So did the opening ceremony achieve its purpose? For ancient Greece the answer was ‘no’. But history has proved that these purposes has far more destinations in time and geography.

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