28 May, 2022

The Relation of Olympics and Social Interaction

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The Olympic is an old way of social connection, London does not shorten the space of Olympic. When I think of the relationship of international Olympic Committee and social network, I always like to believe, Olympics is the world’s most ancient social networks, one of the most ancient, international Olympic Committee member Mark Adams June had told BBC television. The first Olympic Games that has real social network fully involved in is approaching, the world is destined to experience the London Olympics in unprecedented ways.
Everyone has some degree of emotional connection to the Olympic Games that everyone will experience, they will share these experiences with friends and family, Adams told the BBC, now we only changed this emotional experience into digital technology.
This digitization embodies in the conventional way of the dissemination of data, true-time covers of the major news sites and television stations, film passages of the government website, seeming as the artery of the Youtube a year ago that created the London Olympics official pass. What is more important is that just as Facebook a month earlier reported social medium was involved in hope of letting movement fans can communicate with athletes in a fresh feeling manner.
The measure of Facebook is that it has specially opened the London Olympics exclusive channel, in order to set up a social media venues between the competitors and people around the world. In this space, the sports fans and athletes from all over the world no longer exists regional restrictions. As London Olympic Committee member Alex Balfour has said that the beautiful tide of this medium technology are using in order to make the exercising adorers having various feelings in the Olympic Games.
The perfect storm is of course not completely perfect. For social media content, the International Olympic Committee official website gives clear guidelines of rules. One is that all the athletes cannot release any pictures or video in stadium, in order to avoid damaging the benefit of the sponsors. Yes, maybe all kinds of soft implanted marketing content will lead to the competition with the Olympic Committee of the Olympic Games management department, maybe athletes having the impromptu speech without the brain will lead themselves and others in the game into a dilemma. Possibly precisely for this reason, it is bound to that this session is very different with the previous Olympic Games, therefore, it seems in addition to carrying the memories of the ancient British Industrial Revolution, the mascot Locke owns a deeper symbolic meaning.

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