28 May, 2022

A Must for Every Tennis Player

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Yonex RDS 007 tennis racquet racket offered by Dinodirect.com is definitely a windfall for all those who are fond of tennis. If you are looking out for control tennis racquet, power racquet or something in between then this product is apt for you. This racquet comes with a durable hand handle for easy playability. One thing I really like about this racquet is that it has grip dampening system (GDS) which reduces vibrations which in turn decreases the shock at the impact.

Yonex RDS 007 tennis racquet racket will definitely work wonders for you after all Yonex is regarded as the best company for sports equipment. This racquet is apt for players with shorter, compact strokes looking out for power. All thanks to the exceptional material; tennis racquet frequency and vibration is reduced by up to 10% which makes certain ultimate energy return and feel. The 27.5” length helps out in leveraging more power; most particularly with serving while giving out that little bit of extra reach for stretching volleys. This racquet will take your game to an altogether new height.

Yonex RDS 007 tennis racquet racket is a favorite amongst club players and doubles specialists. The novel frame shape is wider and the channel at the four corners of the frame delivers improved stability even with off-centre shots. Different from traditional synthetic which stacks carbon fiber against each other; the new resin; toughlex has more flexibility and as well as durability. The power racquet enhances the inflexibility and the ability to resist twisting at impact. In addition; the cross section at top of the frame offers advanced face steadiness for a firm feel at impact with more control. Testimonials featured at the website clearly depict that this racquet is truly inimitable. You can get this racquet by paying out just $163.99; this website offers worldwide free shipping and a money back guarantee as well which is valid for a period of thirty days.

Yonex RDS 007 tennis racquet racket offered by Dinodirect.com is without doubt a masterpiece in its own unique way. It will provide you with exemplary balance and feel. If you want to become an adept tennis player then you must pick it up. I am certain you will be contented with this product. Go ahead get Yonex RDS 007 tennis racquet racket right away.

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