21 January, 2022

Tennis Shoes – The Ace

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Tennis is a sport indulging hours of inevitable practice. Owing to this the tennis player`s feet experience a lot of stress during each serve and also in moving around the tennis court. The strength and stability of a person forms the main foundation. The lower body strength in a person plays a vital role in offering the required force such that the upper body exhibits equivalent power in carrying out this action. The more powerful and stronger is the game, the heavier is the stress on their feet and this is supported well only by tennis shoes.

Protecting the feet of a tennis player is essential with a good pair of tennis shoes. The force and momentum is more due to the concentration on their body, especially the feet. The shoes with cushioned soles are a must for each tennis player as it absorbs the effect of running on various surfaces and also shields the feet from stress caused while carrying out serves as well as in returning shots. A pair of good tennis shoes should come with advanced sole technology offering the player an advantage in exchanging backhands and forehands during the course of the game.

Providing comfort to the player`s feet is crucial and durable tennis shoes are the right choice. The shoes chosen should offer sufficient grip as unwanted slips may cause severe injuries that may be career threatening as well. Quality shoes empower the experience of a player, besides contributing to health and career longevity. Tennis shoes are designed such that it offers maximum comfort and support, apart from protecting the feet. This makes buying quality product mandatory, else it may affect the feet of the wearer and result in poor performance. Owing to the long hours of playing, the wear and tear is frequent and hence the shoes should come with heel pads and reinforced toe ascertaining a prolonged wear.

Selecting the perfect pair of tennis shoes is important for tennis players. The selection criterion is based on certain things such as the feet type of the player, the surface of playing and proper fit of shoes. People prone to blister should certainly wear thick cushioned fitting shoes. Tennis shoe that fits the width of the feet is ideal for players. A strong and big built player should certainly prefer heavier type of shoes. However, shoes of light weight are appropriate for players desiring for enhanced foot spread and alertness.

Playing on soft courts implies that shoes with a smooth and flat sole are ideal. However, one must check for no bumps or knobs on the sole. But, hard court surface players are recommended for durable and challenging shoes as the hard courts are certain to damage the sole tread of the shoes. This also results in shoes slipping. Conversely, hard surfaces meant providing additional protection to toes by wearing appropriate tennis shoes.

Tennis shoes are conveniently available in many styles and shapes. There are custom made shoes, besides the ready made shoes. Customized shoes are designed based on the player`s specifications and requirements. Such type of tennis shoes is more expensive than the regular ready made shoes. Purchasing tennis shoes should be done keeping in mind the best quality and comfort and not the color and style of the shoe. Selecting the accurate shoes is of significance to give best performance and the top brands include Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Lacoste, British Knights, Converse and K-Swiss.

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